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So, what is this STL generator thing all about?

If you need to make a lot of plastic parts which are too specific and/or time consuming to design manually you can use this site to design them for you.

So, after typing in the parameters and letting the generator do its thing, an industry standard STL file becomes available for download which you can get your 3D printer to print or that you can send to your favorite manufacturer to get printed. This website will keep the last 50 files you generated so that you always have them available (unless something goes horribly wrong with this server and all the files are lost, of course!).

Also, you can download this free STL viewer to see your object in 3D before printing it.

So go right ahead and try it out this free STL generator. The only requirement is that you register an account with this site, which is necessary only to keep abusers out.

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