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Rilhas' Free STL Viewer

This free STL viewer can read both ASCII and binary STL files, display them (solid, wireframe, semi-transparent, etc), and take snapshots to the clipboard.

This application can be downloaded freely from this website for both personal and professional use, both for individuals and companies. However, this application cannot be redistributed without previous consent.

WARNING: This is not a nice application, it is rude and ill-mannered. It doesn't need to be installed, you can just copy it to any location and execute it. Once it is executed it registers itself for the extension "STL", so that, the next time you try to open files with this extension, Windows can find it and use it to show them (this will not override previous associations with STL files your computer may have previously defined, I think). This application cannot be uninstalled, and the best way to get rid of it is simply to delete it and manually register the applications you want to open STL and STLZ files. The author is not liable for any damages that could result of the improper or proper use of this application. If you are unsure of whether it is risky or not for you to use this application I recommend you buy yourself one of the many others out there and never look back.

Installation: Just download, decompress to a folder you might consider definitive, and execute once (to register it with STL and STLZ files). If your system has UAC turned on then you will need to do the associations manually.

Usage: After installation just open an STL or STLZ (zipped) file (either binary or ASCII). The application is started, and from then on you may use the following controls:
  • ESCAPE - Quit the application
  • Left mouse button (and move mouse) - Change object view
  • Mouse wheel - Zoom in/out
  • Right mouse button (in the display area) - Show a menu with some options
  • F5 - Reload model
Download: Making STL files: STL files can be made in a variety of ways, for example using Google Sketchup and an STL plugin. You can also check out this free parametric STL file generator.

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